• Writer of literary fiction, drama, and screenplays
  • Creator of the popular YouTube channel “Shree Nation”
  • Your personal coach on becoming a successful storyteller


Shree is a writer of dramatic and literary fiction, and the creator and host of Shree Nation, where she covers the greatest movies, books, and discuss famous pop culture events that shaped history.

Using her years of experience, Shree is now helping other creators and writers build their own platforms and share their own stories by teaching them the A to Z of creating, writing, filming, and building an audience.

In her free time, Shree loves enjoying weekends with her mom and her friends, working on her art and always writing the latest story over a warm cup of cocoa.

For more information, follow on YouTube and Instagram @shreenation, support Shree Nation on Patreon for inside look on upcoming books, movies and videos, or visit shreenation.com.

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